Our Story

Started by a BC-mom on a mission to find relief for her son’s health conditions when the prescriptions and hospital visits were not working – What started as a home kitchen experiment became a farmer’s market favourite, and has now blossomed into the Kindred Cultures of today: a proudly women-owned and operated brand on shelves nation-wide, striving to bring happiness and good health to Canadians everywhere. 



When Lyndsay’s 15-month-old son began suffering from asthma and eczema with no improvements in sight, she made it her mission to find him relief. The first step was learning about probiotics and gut health, which led to discovering kefir – and the improvements she saw in her son’s conditions after taking kefir were incredible! Sharing this discovery with family and friends ultimately led to markets, and everything took off from there! As the super-mom behind it all, the company started with Lyndsay in 2018.

One of the friends Lyndsay was able to help with kefir was Anastasia – in fact, it helped her so much that she dropped everything to join Lyndsay on this journey in 2019, officially co-founding what is now Kindred Cultures in 2020. It’s no exaggeration to say that kefir has absolutely changed Anastasia’s life, and she has been instrumental in taking Kindred Cultures to the next level. Her passion for health and wellness, in addition to her industry experience and high standards for success, have allowed her to raise the bar for kefir by putting quality first.


After Lyndsay made the decision to take a step back from the company at the end of 2023 to spend more time with family, Anastasia is excited to have transitioned into the role of CEO at Kindred Cultures. She is looking forward to continuing her work in shaping the future of the brand, while spreading the goal of creating healthier lives and happier humans!


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